RMN Capital Lease Financing Programs are designed to:

  • Control the Close
  • Increase Sales - Attractive advantages and flexibility of our lease plans help attract new customers and retain current ones.
  • Close New Sales Faster - 100% financing arms you with a powerful selling tool and eliminates customer concern over spending capital funds.  Simple lease application and documentation wraps up sales quickly.
  • Sell More Top of the Line Products - A quick explanation of the small increase in monthly lease payments may convince customers to select your best products or purchase additional items.
  • Enjoy an Important Competitive Edge  - Our lease programs give you a powerful economic dollar savings program to market and helps to turn hesitant prospects into buyers with a lease plan that best fits their needs.

Customer Benefits:

  • Low Monthly Lease Payments - Customers make a fixed monthly payment through the life of the lease term, helping to forecast their business expenses accurately while simplifying book work.
  • Immediate Use of Product - Fast turnaround on credit and product delivery allows customers to make immediate use of product while generating additional income more quickly. 
  • Conserves Working Capital - Since only a small initial cash outlay is required, customers can use working capital for other immediate purposes.
  • Preserve Credit Lines  - Leasing allows customers to preserve their bank lines for other important uses.
  • Matching Philosophy -  Leasing allows customers to match their income to their expenses.​

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